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AC700EFI/700H!/Thundercat Fuel Pump... from Engie

Ok...This is for those of you who have had/will have the fuel pump go out on one of these three quads. All three of them use the same pump, which retails for $394.95 from Arctic Cat. The problem is that you can't buy just the pump but must buy the entire assembly. Thus, I began searching for another option. What I arrived at is the fuel pump from a 1990 Ford Mustang 4cyl. This is Auto Zone part # E2061 and retails for around $90 bucks. This pump contains the same inlet, outlet, diameter, and height, so therefore it will work. However, it uses a different connector. Making it work is as simple as removing the cover from the stock connector and connecting the(+ and -) wires(they use the same connectors, I believe, although I cut/crimped my own before I realized this). From there, you are good to go, and you saved $300 bucks...

Again, that is Autozone Part Number E2061 for a replacement fuel pump for the Arctic Cat 700/700h1/950...
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