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Glass pack on 420 rancheer

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i want to put a glass pack exhasht on my 420 but i cant find a glass pack that is just plain steel. my friend says his welder can only weld steel , no alluminum or stainless, every glass pack is alluminumized steel and i do not know if his welder can weld it . If any has a glass pack on there bike please tell me the brand and what type of welder you had to use. and if anyone knows of a steel glass pack please post a link.
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The 4" exhaust on my truck is alumanized steel...and I welded a new exhaust tip on with a mig welder. Worked just fine, just remember to use a lower temperature setting so you don't blow holes in that thin metal.
my father in law owns a muffler shop and put a magnum flow pack on a 525 outlaw it sounds awesome,all he uses is a mig
ok thanks guys i think im goin to put a 16 inch cherry bomb on my red 420 its gona look good and sound alot better
sam i think mine will work it is a hobart 125ez welder and i think its a mig
Aluminized steel will weld just like any other steel. The aluminize is just a coating, like galvanize. - Just be sure and properly prep the surface(get aggressive with the wire wheel).
okay good to know sam u ever order the cherry bomb ha
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