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Hog Waller

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Planning to head up to Palatka, FL for their annual Halloween Weekend Party at Hog Waller Mud Park. I've never been up there before. It is kinda a long drive, but hopefully it will be worth it. Anyone else planning on being there?
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Don't know. Never been .but get some good pics/ footage if you can.
Your ride looks badass clean.
Might look better muddy? (y)
Have fun.
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For those of you who know what I am talking about- I conquered the Gator Hole!!!!
Get any footage?
Must be having fun if your breaking things
Looks like you almost needed a snorkel for you also 😁
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Sparky where did you camp at up there?
They have a thing going at Thanksgiving time. May go up to check it out. And break my shat like you. Haha.
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Think tickets are going on sale soon. So we'll see if the people i ride with are serious or not.
Do they alow sport atvs also?
I tryed last night.(n):poop:.
The regular site said check back T 6 today?
They were counting preorder tickets?
Got the tickets for the event👍
They are only selling so many vehicle passes.
So if you have a vehicle pass anyone in your vehicle can can buy a ticket at the gate
Looks like nice cool camping weather finally
Be there Friday morning at 9 or so till whenever we leave Sunday all whore out
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I'll try to get some good pics. Maybe some video to. (y)
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It was a blast. A lot of bad asz toys out there.
A lot of sunkin rides also.even some of the big boys.
I'll try to get some video up soon. Have to sort thru the pics.Heres a couple pics.
Sky Vehicle Car Tree Road
All-terrain vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Off-roading
Automotive tire Vehicle Tire Car Off-roading
Tree Property Natural environment Nature reserve Wilderness
think i may have double posted pics? :poop:
I'll figure it out hopefully
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I have some .just dont know how to put it up and edit it. First time using it. Any ideas for editing?
Let me see if i can figure out how to get it on YouTube.never put anything on it before.
I wanted to edit because i for to stop the camera sometimes when stopping to take a break and have an ice cold beverage 😁
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Sparky we are planning on going for Thanksgiving time this year.
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