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Well since my motor was out and I had my 650 completely torn down I figured now was as good of time as any to rack the radiator and oil cooler

Sorry, tapatalk ate some of my photos so i've had to re-upload them...

*Remember to drain the coolant from your quad before starting this project

Start by removing the front rack and plastics completely you'll have more room to work and life is much easier. Next wash and clean everything. The radiator is held in by two bolts at the top, save these and the rubber bushings for later. Next theres a bit of cardboard that lies in front of the radiator, remove this and you should be able to disconnect the radiator hoses & fan connection.

The cat radiators look pretty good without a fancy cover IMO. I just painted the shroud and cover black

I found these washers in the shop the little rubber nubs on the bottom of my radiator fit just perfect into these.
It measures 1 3/4 inches with a 3/4" hole in it

Washer on the nub. The distance from center to center on the nubs is 6"

Next I tack welded the washer at an angle. Cooled it with water (don't wanna melt the plastic on your radiator!). Then test fitted. This is bigger than a tack weld I just forgot to take a pic of the tack. After test fitting check the angle to see if it suits you before welding it up solid.

Fitment test

Next I used some wood and clamps to set the position of the other washer. Six inches from inside the hole to outside of the other hole is the same as 6" on center. Tack and weld this washer in place

I cleaned up my welds a little and painted the rack and washers. Then went to figure what angle I wanted and to see how it looked

I had some 1" flat steel stock so I drilled a 11/32" hole near the edge of the steel. These pieces ended up being 11" in length

I used a bench grinder to slightly cove out the steel so that it fit around the bars on my rack.

Note: I welded these braces with the radiator in place and bolts through the holes in the end. This would make sure everything went back together correctly.

Next you'll need to run your hoses it took about 8 feet of 3/8" line for the oil cooler and seven feet of 3/4" hose for the radiator. I didn't ream the 3/4" line any but I did spray some white lithium grease on the inside of the hose before sliding it on each barb. It was a pain to get on but it's there!

Next paint something nifty on your radiator cover and put your plastics on to check hose routing. Next I'll be snorkeling this bike and bringing them up behind the radiator

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its real easy to build a mount that you wont have to weld to your rack also... looks good pond.

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Nice Job!
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