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HOW TO: 05-06 BUS Connector Fix with pics

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ok here is how you do the Buss Connector fix, i think the factory fixed it from 06 on so it should only be for the 05s

First off you need disconect the battery. then remove the rear rack and fender so you can get to the fuel tank

This is the wiring harness your looking for

You need to take the tape off the get to the little white connector, which is the white thing in the pic

After you locate and take the tape off of the connector you can start to remove the wires
There are 6 to 8 Black with a yellow stripe wires, remove them

After removing the black/yellow ones then remove the 4 Brown ones and then the 4 white ones. once there all removed from the connector you can start to wire the like colors into groups like this

so you should have 6 or 8 Black/Yellow wires in one group. then 4 Brown wires in a group. then the 4 White wires in a group. now that there all seperated you can use one wire nut for each group. after your done wire nuting i usually put DI-Electric grease in the wire nuts once that is done you can start to tape the whole wiring harness back up and put your fenders and rack back on

i think thats it if im missing somthing tell me and i will add it
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Very nice "How To"

Good Job
thank you sir.. Moved this to the how-to's area and renamed it
"HOW TO: 05-06 BUSS Connector Fix with pics"

One note - most people solder those together. For the best conductivity, soldering must be used.
yea soldering is best. i didnt want to turn anyone away because they didnt no how to solder, every one can put a wire nut on lol
Awsome, thank you, I am going to do that right away......
yup, if you have any other questions just ask
heres a couple pics of what the connector looks like if you dont fix it right away

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What are the symptoms of a buss connector failing?
all kinds of electrical problems, bike won't turn off with key, lights are on when switch is off, instrument panel never cuts off.
Battery not charging, not starting, almost anything that is electrical. if you have an 05-06 just fix it anyway its going to give you problems at sometime
any pics of the front buss connector?
i don't have any but i haven't heard of any problems with it yet
Yeah mine didn't look to bad but I figure if I have it apart I should probably rid myself the future head ache and do it to
yea it cant hurt
erratic speeds sounds like the speed sensor is going out.

the other problems very well could be from this but i am not familiar with the prairie wiring harness
if you have time pull the rear plastic and look on the harness it will be a squre connector taped tightly to the harness.

you could ask IBBRUIN he may know more about the prairies as he has one
i don't think the prairies have the buss connectors but i could be wrong
Sometimes mine won't even make a click when I try to start it, also my winch just stops working and then will work again winch will only come in an inch at a time everytime I press the button, could this be the buzz connector?
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