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My version of the buss connector fix. When I viewed the previous version, I was confused about where the yellow/blk wires were. They are located about 4 inches behind the white & brown wire buss connector in a seperate buss connector (mine was yellow).

#1 Gather tools/materials. solder gun or iron, solder, wire stripper, dykes, electrical tape, zip ties, shrink wrap, heat gun or lighter (although the latter is a little dangerous around fuel tank).

#2 Disconncet the battery.

#3 Locate the 2 buss connectors under the seat in the main wiring harness. Cut the 2 buss connectors with the dykes as close to the connector as possible.

#4 Separate the white and brown wires in the first connector and strip the wires and twist them together (all white wires in a group and all brown wires in a group). Solder the wires by heating the bottom side of the wires and holding the solder on top. When the wires get hot enough, the solder will melt into the wires and bind them together.

#5 Reapeat #4 on the yellow/blk buss connector.

#6 After soldering the connections, place shrink wrap over the soldered connections and heat to shrink it. I put enough over the wires to butt up against the main harness and about 1/2 inch to pinch off to make a water tight seal

#7 Use electrical tape to wrap up the connections to the main wire harness.

#8 Hook up the battery and start to make sure everything is working properly.

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