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So what do yall think about fan in the intake pushing air in, one fan in cvt intake pushing air in, and one in cvt exhaust pulling out hot air to keep clutches/belts cool. I wonder if you could tell a differience in performance with all three? I am also wondering how to wire up, just run a switch. Or guess it could be wired to the ignition.

I don't think the AIR intake would be a good idea... the idea "sounds" good, but you have to think about it... when the engine is idling, the fan is pushing too much air and it would just lean out and die... it would probably help on WOT run, if jetted correctly... in order for a fan to work on an air intake (kinda like a supercharger) it has to be variable speed according to RPM of the engine (like a super/turbo charger)... otherwise, you will be pushing too much air sometimes and not enough at others....

and you really don't NEED a fan in the CVT, but if you want to put one.. ONE is enough... and I would only suggest it if you are running heavy springs with big tires... the CVT is designed to cool itself...

just my 2 cents...
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