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ice bear so far...

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here are some things to know about the ice bear 125.
i just gave it to my son for his sixth bday last weekend and we took him to ryc to ride it. where he rode it like he stole it.
tighten every nut and bolt before you put your kid on it. use lock tight. imediatley drain original ****** oil and put good stuff in. i used my Kawi semi senthetic that i use for my brute. put high quality plug in if original is ****. i used NKG. make sure chain is lubed and fairly tight. at the end of the day , the chain came off and ripped the chain guard almost off. i finished the job and chucked it. original battery was dead before i gave it to him , dealer gave me a new gel battery for free. do that and keep it on battery tender alot. dont rely on the bikes built in trickle charger. buy spare gel battery and keep charged also.
bike basicly starts off and runs in something like third gear, so starting off it cant get out of its own way. once it is moving it is pretty fast, or plenty fast for a 6 yr old. i just got a differnt rear sprocket wich i will install to see if that helps with the low end. also make sure that no wires are touching the exaust pipe. remember they are made in china. and yes i already had a small fire due to that. luckly it was before i gave it to him. to early to be able to recomend it to anyone yet but so far he is loving it. you just really have to stay on top of it. providing the Brute stays afloat without any issues, i plan on tricking the ice bear out, to get the most out of it for my son. if anyone is intrested , ill post the progress and results as i go. if anyone has any advice on where to get performance parts for it, please share. i havnt really gotten into it yet, starting with rear sprocket and hacking the emission thing off the header pipe and patching it back up. ...but dam....the boy loves it!
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