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I'm a newbie that is in over his head...can anyone help

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I've got a 2000 Honda rancher 350 4x4 es. I got it for a steal. First bike I've ever bought. It's sittin on 27" outlaws. It's got a snorkel, a 2" lift, a clutch kit and a brand new top end because the last guy used it as a submarine.

I replaced the piston, rings, valves, and bored the head 30 over. I put it all back together today and it's got a fast tap from the top end. I took it back apart and re adjusted the valves. That wasnt the problem cause when i put it back together again it was not any better. It also seems to be taking far too many rpm's to get moving. Any ideas on what i should check next.
Oh i also blew out the weep holes for oil to drip onto the valves and no blockages. I opened the cover and started the motor. Then poured oil directly onto the valves but that didn't quiet it at all. Is there a break in period in which these should sound bad or what? What about the high rpm's? Any ideas? Any help u can offer would be great, this makes the second trip i will have missed cause i can't figure this crap out.
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sorry i didn't get to have any input but good to see you got things back running smooth ...hope you enjoy many of rides with the honda!
Ok so today i got all my parts in and put back on. I was able to use the old fashioned method to get to tdc. I found our from the guy at RPM Motorsports that I was seeing the valves too high thus the chatter. I rest to his recommended 0.002(loose) for intake and 0.003(right) for exhaust and she is pouring like a kitten. Me and my son rode all over today and he really likes pulling wheelies...small ones of course. Thanks for all of y'all who helped me out, especially narfbrain!
only thing i would be concered with is that you are too tight....yes your valves are quiet but thats because you are to tight your rockers cannot slam around and make the valve noise especially with new valves they will start to wear into the head next thing you know your valves will not be closing and they will be burnt before you break your rebuild in......they wont get any tighter during break in except that you have new valves in an old head so they have to mesh together and break in to each other and i dont think there just isnt enough clearance right now to do almost dead sure you are supposed to be .006 intake and exaust (maybe talk to your local honda dealer) i find if you use the honda timing marks they are always loud and the screwdriver never lies so i would go to that setting your valves the same way using a screwdriver to find your tdc and come your first or second service set them again just to be sure and you will be good to go from there you should reset your valves to spec (if im wrong on .006 someone please chime in) as you are running them too tight a loose valve is a power tight will cause damage if they stop closing completely.....burnt valves valve seals etc. but the important part congrats on getting er going glad i could help out
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Sorry it's been s while since i logged in to check on the forums. I've got everything sorted out now and running really good. Made friends with a local ATV mechanic and we looked the bike over together and agree that everything is looking good. Now I'm setting my ride up with some tunes and a backrest to hold all my stuff and give my little one a comfortable place to sit while riding. I do think though that I'm going to start working on setting up a trade to get some skinny laws to help get the back tires moving a bit more. Also still have to work on sealing up the pull start and put dielectruc grease in all my electrical connections. Thanks again
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