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inner cv boot for an 2001

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hi is there a cross reference number for an inner front cv boot , possibly from a car i could use...instead of genuine artic cat cv boot? its for a friend of mine thanx
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Look on Ebay and just get some of the universal stretch boots, they will fit any cv and you trim them to fit. I use them and have had no issues at all with them but I also have the tool that stretches them on there, can put one on in about 10 minutes. You don't have to have the tool to use them, would just have to take the cv apart. You can buy 12 boots, 12 packs of grease, and 24 bands for around $70 which is about what two factory boots would cost ya. If you're interested, the stretch tool is around $160 and a good banding tool is about $60.
****Just an added tip for anyone to use.**** I have found that Klein lineman pliers work great for removing the cv boot clamps & installing them back on. they carry boots for all makes an models for around 10$ comes with boot ,grease, an bands
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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