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How to for swapping out your clearance lights for LED's. This is for a boat trailer but, should be pretty much universal.

First take the old lights off. Unplug it inside the frame.

There’s a single nut on the underside of the fender, a 7/16” socket worked for me. There’s also a ground wire on the bolt, slide it off and don’t forget that it’s there, we’ll need to hook it back up.

Then the light will just come right out.

Here’s the old light. Your new light most likely won’t come with a connector on it, and the wire isn’t long enough anyway. Snip the wire off the old light, I cut mine fairly close to the back of the light so as to have as much slack as possible. It proved to be a hair too much, and I had to zip-tie up a little slack under the fender. Not a big deal. Better to have a little much, than not enough.

At this time, it’s also a good idea to test the new light, before you go through hooking it all up. Just in case you got a dud from the store…. Just touch the post to the neg. on your battery, and stretch the hot wire over to the positive. You should be able to test it w/ just a 9v battery as well, if you have one laying around.

Strip a little of the shield back from each, twist them together, and solder them together. If you don’t have a way to solder, butt connectors will do, but I would find some waterproof ones. Don’t forget to slide your heat shrink on before you connect them.

After soldering them together good, I slid my heat shrink up over the connection, and heated them up. I doubled up with a small diameter one that fit just over the wire, and sealed It up. Then used the next size up as well, over the top of that, and heated it up… so I’m double protected. So you should have something that looks like this:

Now we’re just going to do everything in reverse… Put the light back in. Slide the wire through one hole, and bolt through the other. There’s also a hole in the frame for the wire to go through, feed it through there too.

Remember, don’t forget to slide the ground wire back up over the stud before you put the nut back on… Muy Importante.

Plug your connector back up, and if you have any slack in the wire, zip tie it up out of the way.

Now you’re done!! Just repeat as needed.


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I used some similar lights on my son's power wheel Kawasaki KFX 4 wheeler. He wanted some lights like daddy's Jeep. Plan to put some red LEDs under it also, but haven't had time.



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