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John deere gator snorkles?

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i dont own one but my dad has a friend who just bought one it looks pretty cool i looked on the internet and no one makes lifts, snorkels, ect. for gators and i would like to know why . if any one has a cool gator please post a pic
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They just arent usually good for mudding or anything of that sort they are mainly just for farmers or trail riding. They are nice though my friend has one.
i know they are for farms and trails but it could be a cool project to make a mud-capable gator
I think it would be kinda like buying a huffy & asking the same question lol... not really what it was intended for so, that's why there's no aftermarket stuff for it. Besides we hate snorkel kits here... ;) DIY snorks FTW.
we hate snorkel kits here... ;) DIY snorks FTW.
That should be on the next tee!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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