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Kawi Part Numbers we use a lot. (Brute 650i/750i)

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Just what it says. Anytime you have to replace something, just reply w/ what it was & the part numbers. Even if you replaced w/ a non-kawi part.

750i Seals
  • Front Seal (engine side): 92049-1570
  • Rear Seal (engine side): 92049-0095
  • Front Seal (differential side): 92049-1573
  • Rear Seal (differential side): 92049-0028
  • Front Diff. Axle Seal: 92049-1534

750i Fuel Pump
  • O RING ---------------- 670E5090
  • PLATE ---------------- 13271-0980
  • PUMP-FUEL ----------- 49040-0033
  • TUBE-ASSY ----------- 51044-0041
  • BOLT,FLANGED,5X11.5 - 92151-1754

  • Fan/Motor Assembly - 59502
  • Radiator ------------ 39060
  • Radiator Cap -------- 49085

Added by BigBlackRancher:
2010 Brute Front Suspension Parts

  • Frame -------------- 32160-0227
  • Lower right a-arm --- 39007-0064
  • front shock --------- 45014-0203-17D
  • right floorboard ----- 34028-0055-6Z

*Controller under the seat (Small Box, not the CDI) 21175-0216

*21176, sensor, speed
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polaris 425 you asked me what fan i used for the radiator.
i used a hayden automotive 12" electric fan that i had on my truck before i upgraded it to dual 14" fans.
here is a link to some 12" fans like it that'll work to.
the one from summit has the little plastic clips to mount it to your radiator the other one doesnt youll either have to get them or make your own bracket.
i used the plastic clips to mount it they work just fine. ive used them on my truck radiators for a few years now for the electric fans no leaks or problems out of em.

also you will need to run a new relay and power supply from the battery for any fans you install that require more current than the stock one so you dont fry something.

oil filter sandwich adapter
D25772 derale 20.5x1.5mm low profile sandwhich adapter from $28.95
This one uses stock kawi filters
oil cooler 6 pass
napa auto pn# atp 14818 $36.99
ATP 14818
ATP 14818

can am radiator
thicker core about twice as thick as the brute 750 for better cooling
pn# 2773551 from bike bandit


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