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Hey guys, just signed up hoping to get some use of your knowledge. As for my first post here it is...

I have a 2009 kingquad 750 with 6500km on it, 1.5" lift on 26" itp mud lites. The guy I purchased it from has a dalton clutch kit in it (orange spring) and 1.5mm shim.

I may send my sheave out to get machined but that's down the road when I have extra cash. I did pop out the weights an all 8 averaged to weigh 19.55grams

As of know I have the 26" mud lites, but soon buying 27" wild thangs

Question 1... With the orange dalton spring and the 1.5mm shims, is it worth having my buddy with his lathe machine drill out the ID of the weights so the all weigh 18grams? Will the 1.55gram difference on each weight be worth the time? Or should I leave the set up as it is?

question 2... I'm understood some bikes allow upward to a 2mm shim, a friend of mine claims the 09 won't allow it, is this true? An if not true, is it worth it for me to order the 2mm shims to replace the 1.5mm...

reason I ask, It will pull wheelies in LOW range, but definitely not in HIGH. Not that I'll be doing it all the time but the option be nice. Also I play in mud an trail ride much more then I do driving top speed...

im aware the epi yellow spring, shim,18g weights, an machined sheave is best. But as he already has the dalton in, I'm trying to make do with what I have an save money to put towards the tires an eventually rad relocate an snorkel...

question 3... Should I remove the lift????? I broke one axle an blown 3 boots since the lift an running my 26" itp.... Im getting annoyed, but also without the lift I'm always high an dry... Opinions

thanks!! Hoping to hear some feed back an looking forward to getting good info on here in the future...
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