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kymco owners

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wheres all the kymco owners at??? this is pretty much the only "active" atv forum with a other brand on it. :33:
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well any arctic cat 425 or smaller owner is also a kymco owner lol maybe try looking in the AC forums...
dstelly has been rep'ing them pretty strong with his "baby cat nasty" 425 race bike. He's honestly got me considering their SxS for the wifey.
jp hes thinking hard on there 700 and racing it. talked to him about that a few months back
Yep. He's getting tired of Cat's complete lack of support.
yup hes racing for performance now
Right here! I have a 366 kymco/cat and couldn't be happier with it, I had Dwight Stelly build it and it is ON POINT! They are bad bikes, this 366 is no slouch! I have videos of it in the arctic cat picture thread!
Mud pro where u from? Dwight lives 4 mins from me lol

Sippin cold beer and going deep!!!!
I'm from central LA, Alexandria area. Not sure how me and Dwight got in contact, I guess over the highlifter forums.
Dwight & James are tight, so I would expect to start seeing more & more impressive things from the Kymco's.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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