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Looking at a 2008 CF Moto 500cc sxs & need advice

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LTB a lady driven (about 900 km's) CF Moto Side by Side from a friends mother.

Does not start (electrical problem). Motor was just rebuilt and has 4 new tires.

She is asking $2500.00 but I can take it, see whats wrong with it first and then make an offer.

Worth $2500.00, POS?, wasting my time?
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I don't know if it was that brand but a friend of mine had an off brand sxs and once the electrical problems started he did good to keep it running for a week he also had problems with the gas tank rusting up. It may be worth it but I don't think I would risk it maybe someone here has had one before and can give you better feedback.
My buddy bought one and its turned out to be the biggest pos I've ever seen. I'd stay away from it.

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