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Mid to high rpm issue---help please

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Hello, I'm new to posting on this forum but have been reading this forum for over a year.
After searching through countless threads I can't seem to find any info that relates to the issue I have with my 2005 bf750.
The bike ran well before I had the transmission rebuilt and while the cases were split it the motor was reringed.
The bike is stock with a big gun slip on and a moose chip right now.
Cams have been checked to see if they are on the correct cylinder, timing and valves are within spec and jetting seems ok.
The problem I'm having is it seems like it has too much timing.
It's very noticeable when you replace the stock cdi with the dynatech chip. The dynatech works great in a similar machine.
The bike looses power with the chip in at mid to high feels rich or boggy and will pop once and a while.
with the stock cdi it runs ok but doesn't pull like it should.

Any thoughts at what else to look at?
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Does the machine pop or bog with the stock cdi in it?
Does the machine pop or bog with the stock cdi in it?
No pop or bog , but it also doesn't make the same power it did prior to rebuild.
It has good low end torque and still wheelies but doesn't pull very hard on the top end.
The compression is good .

It seems like too much timing when you add the dynatec...when you add this box it runs worse
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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