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MIMB please help my broke brute

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I have a 2008 brute and she will not start. I have been all over the past forums for my problem and have not got very far. After some trouble shooting i found that i am not getting any fuel. I pulled the tank cleaned everything, did the screen mod. The pump is getting power. The service manual said i should be getting power to the pump for three seconds when i turn the ignition on. I only get power for one second? I have checked the kill switch, roll over switch, fuse, swapped relays, i am lost. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Is the FI light on?
when i turn the key on it flashes once then goes away.
08's have fuel pump issues. Test it. If it needs one we have a thread on other types that work that won't cost you your marriage.
I have replaced the pump in the fuel housing. When I hook the pump up right to the battery it works. When hooked up the correct way i don't hear the pump kick on for three seconds when the key is rotated on. It will only kick on for a second and no fuel comes out the pump. I have read all about the pump fix but i have not came across anyone having the same issues as me. Should i throw a new roll over sensor at it? i am out of ideas. thanks
You can test the roll over sensor. The procedure is in the manual.
just got back from a mission and got to working on it some more. The fuse box had lose wires causing the pump not to kick all the way on. the problem now is my injectors are not getting any fuel. any ideas would be great thanks
Are the

Are you getting fuel to the injectors.if so it will be at impulse coil problem .there should be a procedure in the manual to check it
Yes i am getting fuel all the way up to the injector. i have the front injector pulled and no fuel is coming out. i cleaned both injectors and they are not clogged.
So i am getting a service code of 11 (TPS). I am hoping this is my issue not causing the injectors to get fuel. Brute you won for today going to have a drink calm my nerves and start fresh tomo. lol
Your injectors may have went out you can clean them all you want but if they aren't opening with the signals sent to them it ain't gonna let fuel through. Get you a noid light and see if you are getting signals to your injectors that will let you know what's wrong.

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