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Ok fellas it's getting close again. I know some of you here are gonna make it. I am planning on going on Tuesday the 24th and leaving Sunday. Post up if you're gonna go and maybe we can all get a ride up together. Always great to meet new people !! Not sure how many in our group is going yet, I'm going if I have to go solo. This will be my 6th or 7th year in a row going, gonna be a blast as always !!!!
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Shower and bath would be nice lol. We're taking a inclosed trailer at the moment. It's around 6-7 hour trip for us.

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Stimpy how many are in your group and what is everyone's age, just curious ?? Do y'all have heat in the enclosed for nights ?? Having to leave one queen bed out of the camper to get the ranger in there I still have one queen bed and two single beds empty. Dozer what time will y'all be getting there ??
Three, I'm 29. My sister-21, and her bf I think he's 24

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Yea well have heat.

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If everything goes as planned(such a thing?) should roll up around 10-11 or so. Might have to make multiple trips to get campers, bikes, and supplies there.
^^ Several trips ?? I thought there at that place once you entered the park if you left you had to pay to get back in again. That's what I thought anyway, but I've been wrong before. LOL I know we will all be getting there at slightly different times but we could TRY to all get together and camp if yall want to. Not sure how many of yall have been there before but if you haven't I'm sure you'll wanna spend every night at the sandpit, I'm pretty much over that part but I will be down there a couple nights anyway. Friday night for sure. I been so many times now and spent soooo much time down there I'm gonna do some night riding this year instead. And of course chill out Saturday night and watch the concert whoever it is and just drink a couple and relax for the ride home the next day. Even if we don't camp together maybe we can still all get together for a good ride, day or night. Gonna catch a ride with the Outkast crew for sure even if I don't camp with them. Gonna try and call Jody this monday instead of next Monday and see if they have their plans figured out yet so I can get SOME kinda plans set in stone.
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As long as you have your wrist band you should be good for re-entry I figure. Looks like my rzr motor wont be ready so hopefully canam last all week. I really could care less about the many congregated morons for me.

With all this rain weve had, I hope there is some riding spots left! River run has shut down due to water, and everything is soaked! Should be the best ever...or one hell of a fiasco. Hopefully just getting campers in park wont be to bad.
I'm sure I'll be at the sand pit some, but I'm like y'all walk around see the sights and get back to riding.

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Yeah there are definitely some idiots down there wanting to fight and crap. With that many people it happens. But I have met some great people down there too.
Lol I actually stopped a fight last year. A guy threw a tiki torch at a razor for running it over. It missed my face by inches and hit a girl that was with us. Her husband went nuts which was expected but the dude was instantly apologetic, he realized he'd screwed up as soon as he let go of the torch. We managed to get em all calmed down.

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Yeah we had an idiot that was down there and we were sitting on the high line waiting to get to the sandpit, you know how it is, we were stopped and he wouldn't turn his freaking light bar off. Several people asked him VERY nicely but he was being a you know what and I was half way outta the buggy with a 4d maglite and was gonna wear his butt out but the guy with me talked me out of it. Lol I didn't need to go down to his level anyway..... I was just fed up with his drunk *** !! Lmao
One of the two years I went, the girl who was riding passenger w/ me chunked a 3/4 full can of Dr Pepper at someone who was being a ****. I thought, ok he deserved it but, now I'm probably gonna get my arse whooped b/c she's riding w /me.

I saw last week where they are building another Hwy down the HighLine, so there will be a two lane in, and two lane out, separate roads... So that SHOULD cut down on some of the crap caused by traffic backing up.
I seen that. They needed that very badly. A couple years ago we actually waited at the top of the highline for about 4 hours because the sherriffs wouldn't let any more people down there cause it was so crowded. They made another "road" on the woods side of the highline last year but you had to have a good buggy to get through there. But like you said hopefully widening it will cut down on alot of that kinda crap that starts stuff. There will ALWAYS be meatheads at the sandpit, gotta just ignore them, if that's possible. Sometimes they are just so obnoxious it's hard to. LOL
Well productive weekend. Got front/rear light bars on canam back in order. Waiting on replacement halo to get here and it should be ready to rock. Replaced all the stablizer jacks on camper and fixed the rear beds where they go up and down like they are suppose to. Loaded a few items in camper. Getting closer!
Same on my end. Got everything fixed and camper cleaned up. Some stuff loaded, the rest ready to load. Talked to Jody from outkast yesterday, says he still isn't sure where they are camping at they are getting there Tuesday too. Hope its not too muddy to get to the camping spots, my truck is only a 2wd. Lol
Im curious about that as well. Back 4 toyos on superduty seen better days haha. Gonna tote buddies camper up saturday afternoon I believe so should be able to scope
It out a bit.
Let me know what it looks like please....
Been working on bro in laws ranger, other than that haven't got anything done, gonna be a mad house this weekend. I did hear from some friends of mine up in Illinois, there wanting to camp with me and there bringing a Semi with a flatbed, so I got to mark out some good flat ground lol.

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Hey J2, I just put forward arms and a 4 lift on this ranger, if you turn full lock to the right the steering will momentarily bind up and go hard left. What could cause this?

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heres the bike.

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I had a similar problem on mine and it was the steering not lined up and the tire was rubbing the a-arm check that. What kind of lift and arms are they ?

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