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Lets see them ya got to have a back up incase the 4wheelers break:lmao:

I got a 02 s-10 zr2 right now on 1tons 5.13's and lockers f/r 39.5 boggers front is 4linked rear is leaf sprung truck is gutted and linex sprayed inside and out.. Im tearing it back down now and going 5tons with some 63" v treads just finished building the motor it's a sbc bowtie block 14-1 comp around 650-700hp with a th400 and 4500 stall converter


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thats a nice looking blazer i love the older boxed chevys
Thanks, it been a work in progress for a while now. Should have cleaned it up a little bit before taking the picture.
85 K5, 1 tons, 40's, 468 BBC, hydro assist, locker in rear

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Thanks, it been a work in progress for a while now. Should have cleaned it up a little bit before taking the picture.

no prob but its supposed to be dirty point of being a mud truck lol

thamule how many times did ya get out a look before ya got that close lol i remember the 1st time i got in my s-10 after the straight axle i stopped like 10 ft away from my lil s-10 like that because i could barley see the roof of it lol
^^ specs? nice looking truck though
I backed the S-10 up to it!
My new play toy I just got. Took it out for the first time Saturday. Has 12" of lift on 44s. 390 ci motor with c6 auto tranny. Running gear is little just a 9" rear and stock Dana 44 front. Nothing special right now but a good play around truck. I have big plans for it.

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Looks good dude!
Here is my daily driver. Im not scared to put her in the mud. The specs are:
2010 Laramie Mega Cab Cummins 6.7L, H&S Intake manifold, AFE cold air intake, H&S Mini Maxx tuner, H&S 4" boost tubes, H&S EGR and Cooler delete, 5" Flo-Pro turbo back exhaust with DPF delete, 4.5" Fabtech lift, 35" Toyo MTs (Soon to be 37s), 20" KMC badlands.

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i dont put my daily in the mud anymore cuz if it breaks i have no ride to work to make money to fix thats why i built my mud truck and got the brutes
Here she is.

:yikes:daaaamn! you need scaffolding to work under the hood of that thing. I can clearly picture myself climbing up into the cab w my muddy or wet boots and waking up underneath :thinking: w a concussion. very:rockn: nice truck!
Trucks like these always put a huge smile on my face. It's at the point where the kids say "hey mom, there's one for you!" :D

Keep 'em coming.
sorry for the upside down pic dont know what happened their... but here it is 09 titan, 6 inch procomp lift, 35 inch truxus m/t, and yes it is my dailey driver.. o ya and its for sell for like $29,000 cause that is what i owe. $727 a month is a pian in my a**, but u pay for what u want..
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Hahaha big bad wolf your right. I'll get yall some more updated pictures next time I'm over there. Belive it or not that 7.3l will still break them 52's loose off road. I think he re-geared the axels to 5.13's maybe even higher. He's still planning on going up another 8 inches. Witch will put the top of the cab at roughly 9 feet 5 inches.
mines at 8.6 right now after im done it should be around 10 to 10.6 depending on if i go with 5tons i go might go 2.5's and build a race truck instead of just a play toy i dunno yet but 2.5s i wanna be low and light so my truck will prob be about the same height as now
My junk, it sits alot more since I got the brute.

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here is a couple to look at...2001 ram, tube chassis, king coilovers , 1 tons,
looked much better with the turf tires but this is all i have on the work computer


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All yall make me frickin jealous!!! I have a 79 F150 that I wanna make into a bogger. I cant find anything past a 9 inch lift kit for it though. Does anyone have any idea how I can get more lift than 9"?????
one day I will build me that dream bogger....
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