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Mxu 500 no spark

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I have a kymco mxu 500 that just had a completely new cylinder, piston, rings, valve installed. Now there's no spark. I've tried everything. Put my cdi and ignition coil on my wife's bike and hers starts so I know mines good. New stator and a completely new wire harness and still nothing. New plug as well. I even put the gear switch Indicator switch on hers to see if that was it. Any ideas?
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Coil maybe
I swapped it with a good one. I'm getting power all the way to plug but no spark. Even tried a different plug
Anyone have any ideas? I'm gonna swap out the kill switch and ignition tonight and see if that does anything
It's alive (well atleast has spark). The second new stator came. Slapped it in real quick and have spark. Gotta go get some rtv so I can put the crank cover back on and then all the plastics but I have spark. So ****ing happy
I have an 07 kymco mxu 500 and when i first start it up it has spark but once the bike warms up and I shut it off and try to crank it again it doesnt have any spark and I have a new coil in it.any ideas what it could be?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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