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My new Baby

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Got the head lights and tail lights blacked out now
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Its an 07 LT, i wish it was the ltz. Wish I had the money, but I'm more than happy with this. Its got a 7.5" Rough COuntry and a 3" zOne body on 37's
O I would be super siked bout that one too
Good looking ride
I know this is an old post and this is a shot in the dark if you would even answer this. But how much did all that cost? I got a 07 Black LTZ and i wanna do this to my ride so bad. I am new to trucks and wanna get the lift and everything with the 37s because it just looks solid, but i don't wanna cut into my body unless I absolutely have to. I was looking into getting the 7.5 lift with the 37s but i see you also got a 3 inch body. Was this so you didnt have to do extra? Anyways man really nice ride. Best I've seen yet.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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