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New Toy

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Just got it today in really good shape , got it for what I thought was cheap 2000 it's an 07 Kazuma Mammoth 800 4X4

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Nice give it a good going over and all should be good.
we did 1 of those a little while back ,put a honda 350 rancher engine an rear end in it
Well hope I don't need to do anything like that with it for a long while , runs real strong right now. Got yelled at by the wife for spinning the tires on the street .
She said atleast wait till I get it to the mud before I break it LOL

But still have a lot to do to it first . snorkel ,tunes , winch ,and a top to start
Sounds like my wife lol.So that 800 runs good ? I see a custom lift in your future also.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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