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Northern Meet & Greet Idea's

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There is at least 5 of us interested to do something up hear plus are fends and family we drag along!

We need to decide on 2 things. Time & Location.

To name a few location's I know of that will take all weekend to cover

Iron Range in MN
If I recall it just got expanded a year or 2 ago

Paul Bunyan State Forest in MN

Nemadji State Forest in MN

Spider Lake in MN

Please let us know of other location's whether it's in Canada, Wisconsin, or the Dakota's, ext
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I need to get a 2011 calendar first - Hey Jon, how do I get one of those MIMB calendars

kidding Jon ;) I know there's a thread about the calendars already
Come on down boy's and girls and play in my sand box!!! I can give you dry scenic trails and the nastiest mud were it takes 4 hours to do 4 miles!!!
For me it would have to be July as my one son goes back to school in August.

Can we do it sometime in the first 3 weeks of July?
Would anyone have objections to the July long weekend?
Just let me know when I will make my plans around that!
Okay, I plan to book my summer holidays on Monday.

Should we say July 2-3 somewhere around Winnipeg?
Last year we were talking Labroquerie (I doubt I spelled that correctly) would that still work?

The only thing that would stop me from riding would be lack of a trailer. Even if I can't ride, I'd come out to say "hi" and maybe take a few pictures.

Let me know
What ever works for you guy's I will set my holidays around that. And you are more then welcome to come play in my back yard!! Tons of trails to ride around here, everything from the nastiest mud were 3miles takes 4 hours to riding all day and doing 100 km of trails.
I was just talking with my cousin. He said he was at a Poker Derby in Rosser, MB a few years and said it was a lot of fun there. Any thoughts?
I don't think there will be much for derby's unless you come June 4th then Richer is having one and it should be a great derby. And if not I will have no problem getting a guide for the Woodridge area.
Oops sorry, I didn't mean look for a derby to join, I just meant he went to a derby in Rosser and said that may be another option for the meet & greet.
im really interested in a ride up here. just gotta go buy my self a truck which will be in the next month or two. so we should definitely get something set up
Doesn't have to be a derby either. If we all get together here I have a friend that grew up in Woodridge and said he would guide us around.
we should throw out a couple more idea's. i mean i really don't know any good places myself because i just bought my bike last fall. but this is defiantly a ride i don't think i wanna miss out on. its too close to miss.
Hey me and some fella Co workers all got some bikes.. If you plan something in toba or Alberta let me know.. We are from SE sask and we all got all weekends off :)
good to know there are some people on here from sask
Well if you guy's and girl's want to come to Manitoba we got tones of trails and there will be alot of mud this spring!!
Well if you guy's and girl's want to come to Manitoba we got tones of trails and there will be alot of mud this spring!!
Mud? Aren't you expecting flooding this year? Snorkels will probably be a must in MB ;)

Well my holidays are booked. Can we set the MB date for the July long weekend?
Is this going to be a family event? Or can we have a "hold my beer & watch this" group and another "who wants another juice box" group. My 14 year old is dying to ride again.
Well if that works then lets do it!! I will contact my "guide" and see if it works for him too. As far as your 14year old coming too it should be no problem at all. Well the trails around hear usually are dry till the mud hammer down and get through and then dry till the next mud and so on. It is a good mix of everything, we even have a killer water hole for water wheelies!! And if we are playing then snorkels would help for sure, might not need them everywhere but cheap insurance. Should we start a new thread for this?
So far any weekend looks good for me... Im game for what ever, Family or beer..
So what are we going to call this festive event? It's no longer the Northern Meet & Greet because it sounds like we're going to have a few Canadian gatherings...with any luck :D
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