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Northern Meet & Greet Idea's

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There is at least 5 of us interested to do something up hear plus are fends and family we drag along!

We need to decide on 2 things. Time & Location.

To name a few location's I know of that will take all weekend to cover

Iron Range in MN
If I recall it just got expanded a year or 2 ago

Paul Bunyan State Forest in MN

Nemadji State Forest in MN

Spider Lake in MN

Please let us know of other location's whether it's in Canada, Wisconsin, or the Dakota's, ext
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How about "The Manitoba Mud run" Were the mosquitoes are so big if you get stuck they will lift you out!!! LOL
Perfect!!! :bigok:
A manitoba ride would be awsome , got a few buddies that would be in. just need to no when and where if its going to happen.
i think i could round up some people for a manitoba ride
well it sounds like it would be July long weakened, and location would be Woodridge Manitoba. I am not sure of all the details ,like when you all are planning to come, Friday to Monday or all weak. we will have to get details together soon. There is a campground in Woodrige but it might be booked already for that weakened. There is a Hotel in La Broquerie were I live and it would be a 15min trailer ride to Woodridge. There is a lot we need to figure and get done. Like I said last year I work in a weld shop so any repairs of that nature are done and also have a good friend who owns a small engine shop and is a hell of a mechanic who could fix anything mechanical. I have a 2 acre lot and could store a few bikes too if you guy's and girls plan on staying at the Hotel. We need to get going on this or it will creep up on us and bight our a$$.
Okay.....let's all continue this under the new thread - "The Manitoba Mud Run - 2011"
i was in till july long, cant make it so count about 6 bikes out. unless dates of the ride change
iowa and up anybody know of rides coming up for 2014? dates n place please!
141 - 148 of 148 Posts
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