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Hey folks, Here is a general guide to remove and axle from and ATV. Hope this can be useful!

General steps to remove an axle from an ATV

  • Jack the vehicle off the ground and secure it from rolling.
  • Remove the wheel.
  • Remove the axle nut (the large nut on the outside of the hub)
  • Separate the lower ball joint from hub assembly. Then do the same for the tie rod end
  • The hub will be able to swing out away allowing the outer CV joint to be slipped out through the back. This may require a tap on the threaded end of the outer CV joint. Put the axle nut back on half-way so that you can tap on it without damaging the threads.
  • The inner CV joint will be the only thing holding it axle in place. The inner CV joint is held in by a "c" clip, just pry it away from the differential and it will pop out, you may need to tap it from behind. Now you should be able to pull it out of the differential.
SabrinaATVPC :)
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