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As you may have read in another post, I grenaded my carrier bearing and screwed up my prop shaft. (Too much horsepower on too big tires. Heh heh.). So, I ordered all new prop shafts and carrier bearing from SATV. Shipping was super-fast, (3 days from order to received) and everything came exactly as ordered. The new, billet carrier bearing is a HUGE improvement over the cheesy, flimsy, rubber pillow block that was stock. The new shafts are super beefy, and a TON stronger than stock. Stockers appear to be made of mild steel. The new ones are made of chromoly, and are much thicker. The CV joints are also enclosed in rubber boots, like axles, instead of being open, and subject to water and dirt damage. Money well spent. I’ve said it before. SATV is top-notch, and I recommend their products and service to anyone.

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